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Carter’s Watch The Wear

Carter’s Watch the Wear

Nothing conjures our childhood years more than Carter’s Watch the Wear clothes. As we grew up, our Carter’s were right there with us, exploring, learning and most importantly, playing. With visions of our favorite playground in mind, Stunt Double teamed up with Carter’s to remind today’s parents that Carter’s still makes stylish, high quality kids clothes AND that Carter’s are the clothes of childhood. As we developed the Carter’s magazine ads, Facebook page and website, we looked to the schoolyard memories that defined our own childhood. We looked to the common experiences shared by generations of kids, past, present and future. Stunt Double utilized playground sayings that nobody really taught us – the childhood slang we used with our friends or siblings in the schoolyard. The campaign reminds our buyers that childhood should be simple, fun and wrapped in Carter’s Watch the Wear. The lexicon of the schoolyard will never fade away. That’s why Stunt Double’s campaign for Carter’s Watch the Wear resonates with moms, dads, grandparents, godparents and anyone else who buys clothes for the kids in their lives. The campaign is slated to kick-off the 2012 season, and response so far has been extremely positive.

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