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You’re the Star, we’re just the StuntDouble

Founded in 2007, Stunt Double Industries is a licensing consultant and social branding entity that boasts over a decade of success. At its core, Stunt Double Industries is about keeping up with the ever-changing world associated with brands and licensing, while brainstorming and applying in-house creative content and promotions. We are an integral part of our clients’ business, utilising our skills in research, licensing, and branding and promotions through social media to raise our clients to a new level of self-awareness. By expertly recognizing your brand DNA, we are able to combine external data with your needs to enact monumental change within your business and all it’s avenues, from your image and social media across licensed platforms to those sales and your bottom line.


It’s time to launch your ideas into action. Let our expertise in recognizing the raw potential of an idea coupled with decades of experience in market research, branding, and licensing assure you we are the spark needed to bring your project aflame.


Stunt Double Industries considers serious and financially advantageous projects for itself and its investors. We have worked hard to establish lasting relationships with a wealth of investors that place their trust in our judgement and ability. Collaboration with us and our investors promises a guided path through the finances of your project and builds the foundation for a thriving partnership. We are prepared to function as your project’s mentor, guide, and backbone across all finances, including and not limited to equity investment, pre-sales financing, tax incentives, rebates, and crowdfunding.


The beginning of every project offers a wealth of branding opportunities. Branding is our specialty. We are prepared to handle all responsibilities involved with managing and representing your intellectual property, obtaining merchandising and licensing rights, and maximizing the potential of your vision becoming reality.


With directors, producers, creative consultants, and Wall Street financiers within our ranks, we have the knowledge and the ammunition to fire off any idea and ensure it to hit its mark. We are confident in our ability to produce any sort of TV series, feature film, or video project.

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