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You’re the Star – We’re your Stunt Double.

Your brand is amazing. You know it, we know it. The kicker is getting everyone else to know it. Great news! That’s what we do. We’ll do whatever it takes to make you look good- jump off of buildings, walk over hot coals, and even pull an incredible triple backflip off a vintage motorcycle. Well, perhaps, the marketing equivalent of all that.




We create better organic engagements in social networks. Most of what passes for “social network advertising” today are annoying banners and text links that don’t connect to the social graph in any meaningful way. Our strategy is to make connections on social networks a two-way conversation. Then we connect with our consumers through well-placed content by developing smart editorial calendars that strategically weave content through various social networks & building engagements and brand awareness. This requires a tight working relationship with leading developers of social applications, key blogs and a strong technology platform to bring it all together.

Our team includes a healthy mix of brand strategists, writers and social application hackers. The world of social media is being shaped and reshaped every day. There is no perfect solution to advertising within social media. So the key is to try things, make mistakes, learn and try something new. The “right answer” will most likely emerge from lots of little wrong answers relentlessly iterated. Our interfaces include atypical networks as well as the ongoing development of cutting edge solutions including mobile applications and Augmented Reality barcoding to name just a few.


What separates one brand from another is the unique story / impression associated with it. A brand is a promise of satisfaction, happiness and trust. A great brand will not declare how great it is, instead it permits the consumer to exude its virtues. When Stunt Double works with a brand, the first call to order is to glean the BRAND DNA: the emotional world of connection and desire above and beyond the raw ingredients of the product or service. From this, we dig for the relevant emotional connections or cues for the development of the BRAND IMAGE: the outward projection of the personality and lifestyle fantasy of the brand that lives inside the consumer’s mind. With these ingredients, we are able to evolve a strategic plan that best solves the unique challenges of each brand.


Stunt Double is about change. Even among clients with limited resources, big things can happen—and fast when change is embraced. Without customers there is no business, so our focus is on creating engaging conversations with customers, and then gaining their trust. We do this by developing strategy via our planning process, which integrates both external data and internal brand information to create genuine insight and action.

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