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Our Latest Project Debuts On The Nerdist

Our Latest Project Debuts on The Nerdist

We’re busy as ever here at StuntDouble, we’ve got a brand new office space and tons of projects and news we’ll be sharing with you in the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time out for a little bit of self promotion.

Music Video: “Made for Me Forever” by Curtis Peoples

Curtis Peoples reached out to us to make his dream video come true, an 8-Bit video game where he gets to beat the boss and win the girl. We immediately jumped in to building the most authentic game we could come up with: Every sprite is limited to 4 colors, every color is taken from the original Nintendo Entertainment System pallet, the video abides by the number of sprites per scan line and frame rate limits of the NES’s Pixel Processing Unit, the resolution, the memory and everything else fit within the confines of the old NES setup. We even went as far as to mimic the technical aspects of an old CRT TV. The whole screen is made up of little red, green, and blue dots all grouped together, the same setup you would have seen when you were watching Double Dare inches from the TV before your mom told you that you’d ruin your eyes if you sit that close. Curtis was thrilled, and so was the rest of the internet when the music video debuted on The Nerdist along with an exclusive interview.

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