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Lady Gaga Hopes To Eliminate Polaroid’s 30 Second Wait… But, Will It Help?

Lady Gaga hopes to eliminate Polaroid’s 30 second wait… but, will it help?

When it was reported last month that Lady Gaga had signed a deal with Polaroid, we had to wonder what the hell was going on. After all, why would one of the hottest young performers connect herself with an irrelevant brand whose product offering is forever lost in the digital age? Now we know!

Lady Gaga has agreed to become Polaroid's “creative director” and lend her name to a line of products in exchange for a piece of the action – above and beyond the 8% royalty payment.

Polaroid is bidding to revive its brand by associating it with digital photography and today's youth. Clearly that's why Polaroid hitched a ride with the Lady Gaga phenomenon. The company believes its Lady Gaga line of products “could account for as much as 30 percent of its business.”

Now the real question is – After floundering for the last ten years with too many missteps – will Polaroid, finally be able to roll out product in a timely manner that is relevant to the ever-fickle target consumer, or will this just delay the death-throes of another great and iconic brand as well as chock up another casualty of the digital age?

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