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On Side Up is a strategic creative content company specializing in the development of content and screenplays, as well as licensed properties. We combine traditional and emerging media with research, vision, trends, and social values to create something unique and exciting, and then utilize our network to fund it, provide the final polish, and launch it into stratosphere.

OnSideUp’s prime directive is to produce fiscally sound low-budget Horror films where the foundations of filmmaking and maintaining sound economics — i.e. solid storytelling, proper casting, and structured financing — dictate creative direction and return on investments. The foundation of the business will remain as close to the rules of economics as possible through the practices of keeping overhead low, utilizing strong cast & crew relationships, and employing fiscal strategies that lead from development through sales.

Scream for scream, horror is the most profitable genre around. Look at recent indie releases such as STX Entertainment’s The Boy (domestic box office: $36 million) and A24’s The Witch ($25 million) as well as studio-backed success stories including Blumhouse’s Universal-released titles The Purge: Election Year ($79 million) and Warner Bros.’ Lights Out ($67.3 million). “You can make a horror movie for less than $5 million and when they work, when you get an Insidious, a Sinister, it can go on to gross $100 million” says Stuart Ford of IM Global, which sold the Blumhouse titles. Additionally, horror, unlike action, plays equally well with male and female audiences, and it’s concept-driven, not star- driven. If you have a relatively clear concept, horror films have a very good chance of success, even with a low budget.

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