of Iron & Oak


In late 2011, Stunt Double detected a new and rapidly growing trend in the American marketplace – Men interested in their home and lifestyle – beyond the dirt floor, water bed, neon beer sign and keg-o-rator. We saw a glaring void of when it came to targeting this audience with a focused and succinct voice. Stunt Double set out to develop a content driven destination blog that focused on the adage that a man’s home is indeed his castle. Born of that brand directive, we created of Iron & Oak.

When it comes to the modern American male and issues like personal style, home design, dating, drinking or other gentlemanly interests and pursuits, the marketplace was severely lacking. Everything is geared to women – in reality, they do make most purchase decisions. However, men are consumers too. Men should not have to endure the ubiquitous girly gift shops, day spas for ladies who lunch, or buying a new couch at a place where they keep asking what your wife or girlfriend wants. The modern man can make these decisions too – and quite often enjoys doing so. That’s why we created of Iron & Oak, a blog destination that’s become the internet’s virtual “gentleman’s lair” for useful insights, advice, and just plain cool stuff for American guys. Plans are in the works to develop a retail experience for of Iron & Oak…coming soon to a hip up-and-coming venue near you.