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Our Latest Project Debuts on The Nerdist
Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.56.20 PM We’re busy as ever here at StuntDouble, we’ve got a brand new office space and tons of projects and news we’ll be sharing with you in the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time out for a little bit of self promotion. Music Video: “Made for Me Forever” by Curtis Peoples Curtis Peoples reached out to us to make his dream video come true, an 8-Bit video game where ...
Will Polaroid go the way of Kodak?
Peace Eternal (1) In today’s socially connected world, a lot of companies are struggling to stay afloat with social media. Some have the wrong ideas and some are somewhat keeping pace. Polaroid, for instance, is making moves, but are they the right moves? There’s a wealth of opportunities that Polaroid can take advantage of right now that could reflect well upon their company and its consumers. For the past 75 years, Polaroid‘s longtime ...
When a Couch is More Than a Comfy Seat… It’s a Brand!
Blog Entry #21 It doesn’t matter if a popular brand’s product is expensive and upmarket or provides mass appeal and value pricing. It doesn’t matter if the brand produces a product or offers a surface. What matters is the promise held by the brand and how it delivers this promise to each of the brand’s willing participants. Let’s take the case of Steve, an accomplished professional in New York’s fashion industry.
Carter’s Watch the Wear
Blog Entry #20 Nothing conjures our childhood years more than Carter’s Watch the Wear clothes. As we grew up, our Carter’s were right there with us, exploring, learning and most importantly, playing. With visions of our favorite playground in mind, Stunt Double teamed up with Carter’s to remind today’s parents that Carter’s still makes stylish, high quality kids clothes AND that Carter’s are the clothes of childhood.
Our Work on Perfecto Brand Hits GQ
Blog Entry #19 From Sean Hotchkiss at GQ: “Schott NYC’s kick-ass Perfecto Brand launched its e-commerce site last week. The hub will operate as a separate entity from the Schott NYC and will feature seasonal lookbooks like the one shot for fall.” They go on to talk about Schott’s heritage and how awesome it is that they celebrate the fact that they’re “An American Original Since 1913″. Insert smug smile and borderline pretentions & ...
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