Skype Joins Forces with the Evil Empire!

Does this mean the end of Skype’s free phone service? Why is Verizon handing its users something they’d never expect – Skype! Is it just another one of those catch-filled ploys to get people to switch over or buy a phone? Skype, the formerly Swedish-based company that was founded in 2003, is a computer software […]

Branding Before Packaging!

It’s disquieting when companies seek new or revitalized package design solutions for their products when they aren’t taking a serious look at their overall branding efforts. Packaging, when properly developed, refers back to the brand. But if that brand has lost its relevance or has never established clear differentiation — if it needs to reconnect […]

VOLVO Going Chinese!

The venerable Volvo brand, known for reliability and safety, was sold yesterday by Ford to The Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Based in Hangzhou, and its majority-owned automotive subsidiary, Geely Automobile Holdings, is ranked #12 in overall production. Geely autos has made significant inroads manufacturing subcompacts and less expensive compacts – and now, it joins the […]

No More Time for Movado?

Movado is shuttering its retail division and closing its branded U.S. retail boutiques by the end of this month. While the once- great Swiss brand will retain its New York store, along with 31 outlet stores, the company plans to regroup and focus on selling watches through third parties, including wholesale partners and independent retailers. […]

Product Quality is Important, but Brands are not Built by Quality Alone.

The MINDSHARE of the consumer is inhabited by brands with stories to tell. Not to be viewed as merely a product or service, a brand is meant to be differentiated and humanized. A brand is a promise—a promise of satisfaction, a promise of happiness. What separates one brand from another is the unique story associated […]

Subaru gone to the Dogs!

More than 77 million dogs are owned by people in over 45 million households in the US. A statistic advertisers like Subaru have noticed. In fact, half of Subaru drivers own a pet. That’s why the car company’s latest ad campaign focuses squarely on not just the owners, but their dogs – who are shown […]

Domino’s gets more Dough!

Domino’s might be in the business of delivering pizzas, but it has also been taking home the bacon recently. The pizza giant boasted its most lucrative fourth-quarter earnings – producing twice as many sales, better margins, and lower interest expenses. With tough competition from Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, how did Domino’s pull off such […]